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Wastewater Aeration 
Aeration is one of the most critical components of the wastewater treatment process. An efficient, reliable and easy- to -maintain aeration system has a direct impact on effective wastewater treatment. Having that in mind, we searched for a solution that could provide efficient aeration to all types of plants  but could also be simple to maintain. Our team of engineers worked hard to finally develop our patented retrievable floating and retrievable aeration systems operating in the past decade to our clients satisfaction  .
Installation is with no downtime or process interruption and there is no need for a levelled floor.

Our patented aeration technology is designed to deliver efficient aeration in municipal and industrial WWTP (waste water treatment plant) lagoons and biological reactors at every scale of operation.
The system incorporates units of robust stainless steel equipped with stainless steel tubular fine bubble diffusers. We accommodate our clients with a wide range of membrane materials including EPDM, PU, Silicone, PTFE, etc. to suit your specified conditions.

Our Aeration systems can help you with:



Effective in industrial applications, the robust stainless steel structure and diffusers are suitable for hazardous and corrosive wastewater and high concentrations of sludge. 


 We assist public utilities who are now focusing on keeping Totex low while improving performance. Our FFBATM system can be implemented using existing assets.


Industrial Applications
Municipal Applications
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Aeration Upgrade
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