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About Mapal
We are an inspired team of engineers, designers, and innovators who strive to constantly enhance wastewater treatment technologies. We aim to accommodate our client's specific needs, ensuring the right solution for any application and budget.

We Offer:
•Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment solutions
•Aeration and mixing solutions
•Retrofits for wastewater treatment plants
•Rental equipment for supplemental/emergency aeration

Mapal is an Israeli based global wastewater aeration technology company founded in 2008 by Hanoch Magen, inventor, and Zeev Fisher, CEO, who have a combined 75 years’ experience in the water and
wastewater treatment sectors.

The company is a patented technology provider of retrievable (floating & non-floating)  fine bubble
aeration systems for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants of any size and type.
Offering a range of aeration products to provide complete and customized solutions, Mapal's arsenal
includes the unique Floating Fine Bubble Aeration (FFBA TM) system.

The technology is internationally patented and is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Why Mapal Aeration systems?

• Custom-made systems suitable for upgrading existing plants/supplemental aeration 
• No need to drain the reactor or stop the process for installation/maintenance
• Modular units are easy to add/remove/re-position as the process demands
• Can be installed in all floor types
• Excellent floor coverage
• Simple and quick installation

Our friendly approach combined with punctuality and reliability  provides you with the quality service you deserve.

Our Values

• Professionality – we invest in our team, training them in ww treatment & engineering workshops.
• Innovation: We strive to bring unique solutions to the wastewater aeration  world including our       patented FFBATM
• Reliability: We are determined to be the best at what we do, constantly testing our products and enhancing them
• Integrity: We are consistently open, honest, ethical and genuine.
• Service Matters: We communicate with our customers at all times, with prompt correspondence