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Aeration Rental and Hire
Mapal’s emergency aeration system is a fast, simple and cost-effective solution.

​Renting our aeration system can assist you with:
  • Wastewater aeration Equipment failure
  • Seasonal increases in organic loads
  • Increases in production or manufacturing
  • Odour problems
  • Oxygen supplement during maintenance work
  • Meeting tighter effluent consent
  • Spills or pollution events


Call: +972-4-8200231 or click here and we'll respond shortly
Simple to install and maintain, without stopping the treatment process or draining your reactor.
Installation above existing fixed-to-the-floor diffusers or alongside surface aerators.
Option to supply a complete system upon request including blower, manifold, air-supply pipes & units
Contracts  available on a weekly or monthly basis with no minimum period required.