An advanced cost-effective floating fine bubble diffuser system that can be installed in your existing reactor:

  • Can save up to 70% of the energy costs
  • Significantly reduces the O&M costs of the WWTP (up to 80%)
  • No moving parts in the water
  • Easy to operate, adjustable air flow rate
  • Modular systems, possible to add, remove or relocate units with no down time.
  • Automatically adjusts to the water depth
  • Suitable for explosive and corrosive surroundings
Our supervisory control and data system improves the control of the system in remote locations and supplies to the client an important tool to monitor and control not only the motors but the aeration system in the biological process which constitutes at least 80% of the total energy consumption of the Waste Water Treatment Process. Reducing
energy consumption during aeration is the best way to reduce energy costs. The Company offers smart phone applications which will, inter alia, enable operators and plant managers to:

  • receive real-time alarm notifications;
  • respond to process or other problems at a plant immediately through the application; and
  • operate and control multiple waste water treatment plants from their smartphone.
A standalone container - retrofitted to enhance current treatment plants according to the clients needs, as an addition to the existing system.

The Emergency Deployment Oxidation System can remedy a WWTP, suffering from lack of oxygen due to equipment failure for example. The container can deliver the required oxygen for the biological process in a matter of hours from the time it arrives on site.
Consulting, Commissioning and Start-up
Our technical experts will accompany you throughout the process and beyond in order to provide continuous improvement and efficient work with our system.
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