Our cost-effective Floating Fine Bubble Aeration (FFBA™) system is designed to deliver efficient aeration in municipal and industrial WWTP lagoons and biological reactors at every scale of operation.

The FFBA™ system can be implemented during the design and construction of new WWTPs; to upgrade existing works by replacing mechanical surface aerators (fixed or floating), jet aerators or liquid oxygen; or as an addition to an existing system to provide extra oxygen.

Installation is with no downtime or process interruption and there is no need for a levelled floor.

Wastewater Aeration 

Effective in industrial applications, the robust stainless steel structure and diffusers are suitable for hazardous and corrosive wastewater and high concentrations of sludge. 


 We assist public utilities who are now focusing on keeping Totex low while improving performance. Our FFBATM system can be implemented using existing assets.


Industrial Applications
Municipal Applications