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Our cost-effective Floating Fine Bubble Aeration (FFBA™) system is designed to deliver efficient aeration in municipal and industrial WWTP lagoons and biological reactors at every scale of operation. The FFBA™ system can be implemented during the design and construction of new WWTPs or to upgrade existing works by replacing the mechanical surface aerators (fixed or floating). No down time required during installation and no need for a levelled floor. Mapal's FFBA™ system will lead you to technological advancements and will reduce your expenditures.

More than 40 installations worldwide.

 system ensures efficient oxygen transfer and mixing capabilities and can be implemented in Municipal and Industrial WWTP's with 3 main applications:
·  Designing custom made reactors, lagoons and ponds

·  Retrofitting exiting WWTP from mechanical surface aeration to
   fine bubble aeration with no downtime to the process

·  Enhancing current treatment plants according to the client's needs,
   as an addition to the existing aeration system.

Mapal's innovative technology and emerging global footprint has received a major vote of confidence from UK based Charles Street Securities Europe LLP ( which has arranged the last two rounds of Mapal's financing and has become the principal investor in the company.

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Environmental Responsibility
Environmental Responsibility
Mapal aims to keep the environmental surroundings clean. Our solutions are implemted with no downtime in order to minimize environmental impact. We continuously strive to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficency in all of our systems.
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