•Drastically reduces energy & maintenance  costs

•Modular, possible to add, remove or relocate units with no   downtime

•No need for a concrete levelled floor

•Easy to operate, adjustable air flow rate

•Automatically adjusts to the water depth
•Stainless Steel robust diffusers, suitable for aggressive hazardous liquids
FFBA- an advanced cost-effective floating fine bubble diffuser system
that can be installed in your existing reactor
"The system has demonstrated reliability and acheived expected results. We are satisfied" Alexandre Leite, Ete Flores, Brazil
"The aeration here is very successfull, we are happy and highly recommend Mapal"
Kobus Vender, Sundra, S. Africa
"The system will provide a number of benifits in addition to attractive power savings and may provide a financiallt viable lower cost solution surface aeration plants"
Chesham STW, UK, Dale Walker
"We're pleased with the results and happy that significant energy savings will be delivered"
​Stanbridgeford WTP, UK, Matt Pluke
"Mapal's system has resulted in overcoming our problem and eliminatind odours. We are extremely pleased with the solution and services provided"
Detergent Manufactorer, Israel, Ori Bar

"We were attracted by the clear potential for energy savings and its ability to be retro fitted without any significant downtime to day-to-day operation of the treatment plant" 
Pete Pearce,Chesham STW,UK

 We assist public utilities who are now focusing on Totex- capital and operational expenditure while improving performance. Our FFBA  can be implemented using existing assets, thus saving you O&M costs 

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Floating Fine Bubble Aeration Systems

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Energy Efficient

No downtime
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Every scale of operation
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Emergency Aeration

Municipal Market

Energy efficient wastewater treatment solutions that offer robust, modular,  stainless steel construction to sectors such as Pulp & Paper, Food & Beverage, farming and leachate ponds.

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Industrial Market

 A fast, reliable, cost-effective solution for temporary or supplement aeration. Our aeration systems can be added with no downtime, using existing assets. 

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Wastewater, sewage and sludge treatment systems

Fine bubble aeration wastewater treatment systems

Floating Fine Bubble Aeration (FFBA) is the revolutionary new energy efficient system developed by Mapal Green Energy for treating wastewater, sewage and sludge. It is suitable for use by public water utilities and in a range of industries including pulp and paper, farming, food processing, leachate ponds and in general manufacturing where waste water disposal is an issue.

Mapal’s floating fine bubble aeration solves the problem of water oxygenation by marrying the strengths of surface aeration technology – easy to install and accessible for maintenance - with the efficiency which is derived from sub surface fine bubble aeration systems. With no moving parts generating friction and driving high energy consumption, a key benefit for users of Mapal Green Energy’s floating fine bubble aeration system is its dramatically reduced energy bill. 

Using a surface mounted design of blowers and floating pipes, not only is energy consumption reduced, but installation and maintenance is dramatically simplified. The system does not require a tank to be drained, nor does it need to be attached to a concrete floor. Aerators are automatically adjustable to water depth and because they float, are always level, thus delivering an even flow of oxygen within the reactor.

Wet and live installation is the norm, which makes for a very fast changeover of plant and a minimal downtime. The units are modular and can be added to or taken away from quickly and easily

The technology can be purchased or hired and due to its flexibility, is increasingly being used as part of an emergency pollution response strategy.