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Energy efficient

No downtime
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Our skilled engineers will work alongside your in-house experts to design, test and implement improved wastewater treatment processes. We can work with both Tier 1 consulting organisations or directly with the wastewater processing unit itself.
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Modular units
Floating Fine Bubble Aeration Systems

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Every scale of operation
Emergency aeration
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A floating aeration system using fine bubble diffusers that marries the strengths of surface aeration technology – easy to install and accessible for maintenance - with the efficiency of sub-surface fine bubble aeration systems

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Stainless steel structure
Mapal’s FFBA system is custom-made and suitable for any type of reactor or lagoon at every scale of operation, regardless of design or size. Suitable for upgrading existing plants (when upgrading from mechanical or jet aeration can drastically reduce your energy and maintenance costs), or introducing additional oxygen to current systems, with no need to drain the reactor or stop the process. The removable modular units are easy to add/remove/re-position as the process demands and different air flow rates can be supplied to individual units within the system.
A unique product in this sector, the floating design means the diffusers are always levelled just above the floor, even if the floor is uneven, resulting in optimum oxygen transfer efficiency. With its stainless steel structure and diffusers the FFBA system is robust and suitable for aggressive and hazardous liquids.
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